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FEND Securities Expert Witness

Consulting expert in litigation and arbitration, nationally (24 states), involving securities, insurance and annuities. 356 arbitrations (700 retentions) since 1991, before NASD, FINRA, JAMS, AAA, NYSE, PSE & 98 mediations. Mr. Dinehart, RFC, a FINRA Arbitrator, has qualified & testified as a Securities Expert Witness in L.A. Federal Court & State Courts in L.A., Orange. Fresno & San Diego.  CASE TRACK RECORD - 319 WINS/37 LOSSES.  "While I charge for my services, my opinions are not for sale".


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     FEND, through Mason A. Dinehart III, RFC, provides objective expert witness opinions on the standard of care in the securities industry, based upon discovery, due diligence, technical knowledge and the four decades of securities experience he brings to the case.  From a long-standing banking background in corporate finance, to underwriting and investment banking & real estate experience, he adds a strong knowledge of modern portfolio theory through the teaching of hundreds of retirement financial planning seminars at the corporate level.


     From this vantage point, FEND* provides a refreshing perspective into the securities expert witness testifying arena that combines comprehensive analysis with effective communication skills. These factors, along with serving as a FINRA arbitrator and representing both claimant's and respondent's (65%/35%), contribute to a 90% success ratio in the securities expert witness field.  All of Mr. Dineharts' securities licenses are current (7, 24, 63, 65, 79 & 99).


Unavailable blackout calendar dates are listed under Agreements/Fee Schedule at the bottom of the page.


*Financial Education Network Development





  • Consulting Securities Expert Witness in both Court and Arbitration
  • Securities Arbitration/Litigation Case Review and Evaluation
  • Thorough Analysis of Due Diligence Performed on Products sold
  • Evaluation of Portfolio Risk Factors (Scorecard Analysis)
  • Assessment of Sales Practices Utilized (Standards of Care)
  • Analysis of Supervision Performed (R.R.’s and RIA’s)
  • Discovery Review and Recommendations
  • Forensic Accounting Reports
  • Specialized Analysis (Concentration – Modern Portfolio Theory)
  • High Impact Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Damage Calculations Utilizing Well Managed Account Theory
  • Persuasive Expert Testimony Before All Triers of Fact.



RESULT = 90% Case Track Record.




FEND - Securities Expert Witness

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