Alert Income Partners III                       Century Properties XV
Atlanta I-675, Ltd.                            
Alert Income Partners IV                        Century Properties XVI
                                                Capital Equip. Fund II
Alert Income Partners V                         Clemsen-Seneca Cable
American Retirement Villas Properties           Consolidated Capital Prop. II
All Star Inns, Ltd.                             Columbia Housing Partners XIX
Allstate Munic. Income Opp. Trust               
                                                Consolidated Capital Prop. III
Allstate Munic. Inc. Opp. Trust II
Almahurst Bloodstock III                        Consolidated Resources Health
                                                Care Fund III
Apple Valley Income Partners                    Coachella 1, Ltd.
                                                Consolidated Resources Health
American Cable T.V.Investors V                  Care Fund V
                                                CRCA VI
Arcadia Pacific, L.P.                           Commonwealth Equity Trust (R)
Atwood Yield Plus 11. L.P.                      Cheyanne Assoc. - Southmark
August All Suite Hotels, L.P.                   Cypress Equipment Fund
August Income Fund IX                           Damson 1981-82
                                                Dean Witter Realty/Income Ptnrs. III
                                                Dean Witter Realty/Income Ptnrs. IV
                                                Dean Witter Realty Growth Prop LP
August Properties Fund IV                       Eagle 88 Sierra Dev’t. Drilling Prog.
Balcor Mobile Home Income fund                  Eagle Mineral Acquisition VI
Balcor Pension Investors III                    Energy Income Program IV
Bennett Calif. Land, Ltd.                       Eighty-Eighty Central Partners, Ltd.
Bennet Consolid. South Corona, L.P.
Big Apple Switch Partners                       Energy Income Program V
Boca Raton Hotel & Club                         Energy Sources 1981 Program
Boston Capital Tax Credit III                   Enstar Income/Growth Prog. 5
Boston Financial Qualified Housing              Epoch Gainsville Investors, Ltd.
Tax Credit V
Brauvin Real Estate Fund 1                      Equitable R/E Shopping Cent. L.P.
Brauvin Corporate Leasing Program IV
                                                Equitech Income R/E Investors
Buckeye 1991 Income Program
                                                Equitech Venture Leasing Fund 9
Can-Am ‘81-2 Drilling Program
Carlyle RELP IX, Ltd.                           Equus Investments II
Capital Realty Tax Exempt Fund III
Cardinal Diversified Properties II              First Capital Holdings Corp.
Carlisle Income Plus, Ltd.                      First Capital Holdings Inc. & Gro.
Callon Petroleum Partners L.P. 
Franklin Real Estate Income Fund (R)            Integrated Med. Ventures 2, L.P.
Goshen Associates, L.P.                         Jet Fleet Aircraft Program 
                                                Johnstown Consol. Inc. Ptnrs.
Gold Park Associates                            Jones Cable T.V. Fund 14
Golden Pacific Restaurant Partners              Kirkman Orlando Partners
Gulf Shore Drilling Partners                    Krupp Insured Mortgage, L.P.
                                                Krupp Guar. Inc. Trust II
Hathaway Apartments, Ltd.                       Las Haciendas Development II
Heartland Inland Empire Ltd.
Heartland Durham - Carey                        Las Haciendas Development III
High Cash Partners, L.P.
High Equity Partners, L.P.                      Las Haciendas Development IV
Hill Williams Inv’t. Ptnrs., Ltd.
Hill Williams Income Fund I                     Liberty High Income Plus, L.P.
                                                Loan Star Mall Assoc., L.P.
Hill Williams Income Fund II                    Liquidity Fund Max. Growth Invest.
                                                Liquidity Fund Qualified Plan Inv’t.
Hill Williams Income fund IV                    Mansion Towne Properties
Hill Williams Income Fund V                     Mid-Atlantic Residential Investors
Icon Cash Flow Partners                         Mori-Point Dev’t. Loan # 98-1003
IDM Partic. Mtg. Income Fund                    Mortgage Network Servicing Ptnrs.
IDM PIC II                                      Mortgage Network Servicing Ptnrs.II
IDM Oak Park Apartments Inc. Fund               Motels of America, Series XII
IDM PIC III                                     National Investors Financial
IDM PIC IV                                      Natural Gas Partners
IDM PIC V                                       Net 2 , L.P. (Corp. Income Plus)
                                                Newport Equities Realty 8
IDM PIC 90                                      New York City Waterfront Assoc.
IDM PIC VII                                     NHP Retirement Hsng. Partners I
IEA Income Fund IX                              NRM Drilling ‘81
IEA Income Fund XII                             NRM Drilling ‘82
Income Growth Mgmmt. X
Insured Income Properties 1988, L.P.            NRM 1983D Oil & Gas
Income Fund
NTS Mortgage Income Fund                        Public Storage Properties XVIII, Ltd.
NTS Properties Plus
P-144, Ltd. Partnership                         Public Storage Properties XIX, Ltd.
                                                Public Storage Investors 12, L.P.
Pacific Peninsula Partners                      Prudential Acquisition Fund I
Park West Apartments (Undivided Int.)           Pru-Tech Research & Dev’t., L.P.
Parkwood Storage I, L.P.                        QSR Income Properties, Ltd.
                                                Rancon Inncome Fund 1
Partners Preferred Yield II                     Rancon Pacific Realty, L.P.
                                                Real Estate Associates
Pegasus Aircraft Partners, L.P.                 RIC Ltd. 24/25
Petroven 1991A                                  Riverwalk Associates, Ltd.
Pepper Tree Villa, Ltd.                         Rockwood Haciendas
Petroven 1990 - A&B                             RPS Growth & Income, Ltd.
Phoenix Leasing Cash Distrib. Fund. III         Shearson Bev. Hill. Med. Off. Ptnrs.
Phoenix Leasing Income Fund 1982-IV             Shopco Laurel Center, L.P.
Phoenix Leasing Income Program V                Shopco Regional Malls, L.P.
Phoenix Leasing Income Fund VI                  Shurguard Income Properties, IV
Phoenix Leasing Income Fund VII                 Sierra R/E Equity Trust ‘83 (R)
Phoenix Switch Group, Ltd.                      Stamford Towers, L.P.
PLM Equipment Growth Fund IV                    Storage Equities, Inc.
PLM Transportation Equipment Ptnrs. IIIB        Summit Insured Equity, L.P.
                                                Swift Energy Inc. Fund III, 1987D
Polaris Aircraft Income Fund III                Sundance Energy Inc. Fund 1990-II
                                                Super 8 Motels
Polaris Aircraft Investors IX                   Textainer III
Polaris Aircraft Investors XII A&B              Textainer IV
Preferred Income Fund III                       TMP Inland Empire, Ltd.
                                                Tri-Fund II
Prell & Zacharias Renovation Fund               Troy Lease Income Fund
Premium Mortgage Assoc.                         Tustin Avenue Shop. Cntr., Ltd.
Prime Plus Realty Partners                      Ventura Pacific Cap. Group VI
Prometheus Income Partners, Ltd.            
P.S. Marina Iinvestors 1,2,&3                   Vintage Income Ptnrs., L.P.
P.S. Marina Investors, 4//
Public Storage Properties VII, Ltd.             Vinyard Village Assoc.
Public Storage Partners III, Ltd.               Vinyard Crest Venture Assoc.
Vista Properties ‘83
Victor Valley Mortgage Income, L.P.
VMS Mortgage Income Investment Fund
VMS National Hotel Portfolio, 1
Western Instit. Properties Trust (R)
Wells Real Estate Fund II
West Palm/Forum III Assoc. Ltd.
West Palm Associates, L.P.
Windsor Park Properties, 6
Windsor Plantation Estates, Ltd.
Woodcreek Oaks, Associates
                                        Mason A. Dinehart III,RFC 
                                        Expert Witness - Securities Industry
                                        Bus. (310) 641-0377
                                        Fax  (310) 649-3663

NOTE: Additional investments can be scored upon request. Price – $300 each. Please include prospectus or PPM if not on this list! If this is inconvenient, at a cost of approx. $40 additional, we will obtain a copy from Disclosure, Inc.(Primark), if available.

Scorecards are also available on common stocks, private stock offerings, REITS, bond and mutual funds upon request.

NOTE- For current value information on these limited partnerships, please contact the American Partnership Board, (800) 736-9797 ( or Laura Lacey – (800) 969-8996 x 1206.

     Original prospectuses can be obtained from the historical data base of Primark, Inc. for approx. $50.00.  (800) – 777-3272